press clippings  for “Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light” (release date 3/3/17)

“Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light…. takes the band’s alternately soaring and crashing sound to even more diverse places.” – Rolling Stone

“…this is epic, heavy, beautiful, ethereal, post-metal perfection.
An absolute record of the year contender already.” – Metal Injection

“Eternal Rituals puts other bands into perspective when it comes to creating art.” – Team Rock

“When talented artists put thought into constructing a contemplative whole … the results can only be superior and positively engaging. Eternal Rituals is exactly that.” – Ghost Cult Magazine

“10/10” – Far Beyond Written  

“10/10″  – It Djents

“10/10” – Cinema Obscura  

“The work is emotionally compelling, sonically diverse, atmospheric and …. epic.” – Exclaim

“…One of post-metal’s most important bands.” – Heavy Blog

“Eternal Rituals… firmly cements itself as a potential album of the year candidate…. the band’s finest hour thus far, with its seemingly effortless mix of introverted emotional intensity and dramatic, extravagantly expressive songwriting… “ – No Clean Singing

“Eternal Rituals is already my most-played album of the year and
easily in my top 3 releases of the year.” – Maximum Metal

“….Their most diverse and best effort to this day.” – Echoes and Dust

“The songs are arranged beautifully… this is top-notch artful, menacing post-metal with retro new wave vocals that is easy to listen to over and over.” – Angry Metal Guy

press clippings for reissue of the blood is bright and forcing out the silence EPs – 2007)

“This darky lush epic…is the best soundtrack for reveling in the melancholy of actually living since My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless.” – Alternative Press

“This re-issue by Junius appears to harness post-apocalyptic lightning—filtering end-of-the-world desperation through their amps.” – Geek Monthly

“This Boston band offers up an impressive album of shoegazerish psych-rock with a dynamic sound ranging from ethereal atmospherics to loud, distortion-drenched passages.” –

“Joseph E. Martinez’s voice is full of dramatics, falling somewhere between Robert Smith and Ken Andrews of Failure, full of melancholy and vulnerability. Somewhere between the treachery of My Bloody Valentine, the doomsday outlook of Joy Division, and the Space Rock glory of Cave In, Junius is one underground player who likely won’t be underground much longer.” – Decoy Music

“The whole album blew me away. The sounds and emotions that are put into each and every song are rare and can only be borne out of hard work and lots of attention to detail. The ethereal feel of some of the songs will put you in a trance-like state.” – Instrumental Analysis

“There’s something intellectual and relevant about how the Robert Smith-like wailing wraps around the chiming earnest guitars. Junius brings modern inspirations to the table and at times explodes with raw radio-ready chaos that at once could attract mainstream listeners without compromising their message and image as a band.” – Azltron

“This band rocks a certain sonic middle ground between classic post-punk juggernauts (The Cure, My Bloody Valentine) and forward-thinking live bands like My Morning Jacket. Part of the splendidly dark aura that often enters their music is mined from unique recording practices that find the band exiling themselves to remote locations to work through their muse (remote farmhouses, cabins, storage facilities, etc). However unorthodox, it works. I’ve been taken with nearly every track I’ve heard from Junius. Brilliant Stuff.” – Flash Vegas

“Junius have a lot to offer… Fans of both Post Metal and Post Rock will find some instrumental dexterity to sink their teeth into, while Rock fans will enjoy the emotional depth hidden within, and those of a more indie persuasion will take pleasure in the deep morbidity.” – The Silent Ballet

“It is always refreshing to come across a particular album that can be played for days on end. With their self-titled album Boston quartet Junius, are likely to make the top of your playlist, and stay there for a while.” – Tastemakers Music Magazine

“A potentially favorite, or even timeless album.” – Slug Magazine
blood is bright (2006)

“Genius as far as contemporary New Wave / cinematic Art Rock goes… [an] epic audio masterpiece.” – The Big Takeover

“Blood is Bright flows impeccably from beginning to end. This album certainly might catapult them into the realm of the most revered bands in their genre.” – Absolute Punk

“An excellent EP from a band deserving of as much praise as possible. Fans of The Cure, Failure, and Oceansize will greatly appreciate what Junius has to offer. 9 / 10” – ScenePointBlank

“Breathtaking atmospherics and dark sensibilities deserved of being likened to The Cure’s Disintegration punctuate this EP. Vocalist Joseph E. Martinez deadpans a brooding style that clashes at the perfect angle with the swirling sounds that rise around his words. Without straying into anything too heavy, Junius manages to maintain an intense presence that is as stylish as Interpol but carries a sincerity and distinction not found in enough young acts. This band seems to have borrowed just enough from previous decades to build and shape something all its own. This Boston-based quartet approach New Wave tendencies with a shield of spacey guitars and artistic vocal stylings to create something that is not soon forgotten. With high energy emanating out of a pensive sound, Junius punctures each track with unshakable singularity until it turns into something addictive and encompassing.” – Exclaim! Magazine

“Blood is Bright showcases Junius’ modern take on New Wave, with spacey guitars, looming vocals and enough originality to set them at the top of the game. With Blood is Bright, Junius have only ensured their rank as one of today’s best outfits. The band has created strikingly original material while avoiding many of the trends of the current music scene, in turn bringing forth work that would make their influences proud. 4.5 / 5” – Decoy Music

“Junius’ recent EP will likely be sticking around my CD player for a while. …they just might be the next Hum—which, coming from this reviewer at least, is just about the best praise I can offer a band. 8.5 / 10” – Mammoth Press

“With their latest release, Blood is Bright, the Massachusetts quartet has produced a well-crafted EP that will surely grab attention from old fans, new fans, and those simply willing to put their blast-beats on hold for twenty minutes. If you enjoy intelligent music of all genres, then giving Blood is Bright a couple listens will be well worth it. 8 / 10” –

“Junius owe as much to instrumental Post Rock as they do to the Goth acts of the Eighties… The arrangements are unique and the sound is, at times, a perfect reproduction of that elusively cool Eighties vibe.” – Skyscraper Magazine

“They wear their brooding Eighties swirling darkness on their sleeve, yet still manage to conjure something fresh, majestic and uplifting. The vocal drips onto a textured canvas of chiming echoed guitars and a throbbing backbeat reminiscent of Pornography-era Cure, with the bombastic crunch of My Bloody Valentine.” – The Noise

“While Post-Rockers with big-ass pedal boards aren’t exactly a novel concept these days, it’s a rare treat for a band to have both the technical knowledge to make it all sound huge and otherworldly, as well as a knack for stringing parts together in an organic, cohesive manner. Radar Recordings road warriors Junius demonstrate both sides of this equation, delivering the goods with their sophomore EP Blood is Bright. Junius has a legitimate shot at attaining widespread recognition and praise.” – Performer Magazine

“It’s few and far between that you find a band that has a completely distinct style from the front lines of the vocals to the environment of the music. Junius is one of those bands. From the brooding, almost New Wave style bassy voice of the singer, you can feel a new movement coming from the source of Junius’ center. Musically, they blend equal parts Codeseven, Hopesfall, and Dearly Departed, along with their own brand of spacy atmospheric rock. A lot of delicacy goes into the choices that this band makes, and all of the smallest of notes hold the heaviest of weights. Junius has a firm, solid sound that can take you places. I really like what they’re doing on this record, and can’t wait to see how they pull it off live. I can imagine nothing short of escapism. Definitely check these guys out if you like an edge to your meditation. 4 / 5” – Wrank Music

“The sheer scope and somber, heavily layered atmospherics brings to mind the most aggressive moments of the late Juno who were equally adept at painting lush, melancholy soundscapes full of raw power such as these. I wouldn’t be surprised to see fans of this genre being drawn to the eerie majesty of the songs presented here just as I was.” –

“Comfortably straddling the line between Interpol and Depeche Mode, Junius sculpts its pensive sound out of an inherently morose clay. The instrumentation throughout is so confident and focused that it subtly creates an aura of creeping immersion exemplified by our generation’s greatest artists. With an enveloping sense of mood and deft embrace of atmospheric manipulation, Junius seizes senses and consideration with surprising efficacy.” – UpBeetMusic

“Creating some very impressive music almost effortlessly, Junius creates songs that envelope the listener in a wave of sound that is warm, welcoming and powerful. This has substance and musicality. Music could certainly use more bands like Junius these days.” – Deafening Sound

“This is one hell of an album to say the least. Junius is almost a hybrid which makes things more entertaining for the audience; their music merges Gothic influences (the old school of course) with Post Rock structures and a couple of Alternative schemes. In the end, they have a unique sound impossible to catalog… 8 / 10” – Metal Storm
forcing out the silence (2004)

“One of the most engaging dark rock albums to come out since Joy Division last graced a stage.” – Disclosure Fanzine

“This fiery Boston quartet displays the potential to emerge as the bridge between post-grunge and the future of alternative rock.” – Amplifier Magazine

“Nothing short of a revisioning of the art of the shoegazer. Junius is artful, thoughtful, and textured while also being heavy, intense, and impactful. Not since Cave In’s album Jupiter have I been this taken with a rock band! If you want your brooding Art Rock to rock hard again, then Junius is your new favorite band. It has become mine!” – The Noise

“Take the darkness of The Cure’s best and mix it with the heaviness of A Perfect Circle and moodiness of Placebo… This fell into my lap at the right time.” – Razorcake

“Junius could be considered modern art-rock… Forcing Out The Silence has a saturating vibe, washing out in a fine spray of powerfully mentally invigorating mist… an expansive sounding record that absolutely encircles the listener in its own aura. The vocals drone and scream in a quasi-Brit way as if possessed by Dave Gahan and/or Robert Smith. These vocals do not “lead” this record; rather the full attack is experienced by the listener… If your stereo has a duress-meter, it will be flirting with the red zone… Forcing Out The Silence is a trip of a record and if the listener is seeking such an experience, said listener will not be disappointed.” – Performer Magazine
live / misc.

“The Martyrdom of A Catastrophist is one of the most anticipated albums of the year.” – Decoy Music

“Without hesitation, I consider their upcoming Martyrdom of A Catastrophist one of my most anticipated albums of the coming year.” – Slug Magazine

“Their live show is thunderous.” – Left Hip Magazine (2007)

“The band straight blew me away opening for frequent tourmates Circle Takes The Square… Think Jupiter-era Cave In, but more atmospheric and dissonant and with a lesser reliance upon guttural screams, tempered with the band’s earlier influences.” – (2007)

“Junius. In a word, epic. Yes, their music is heavy, but Junius are not a metal band. Theirs is a sort of heaviness that transcends mere riffing and embodies a more literal sense of the word. There is weight to their music. Junius is one of those rare bands that commands the attention of those with even the shortest of attention spans, leaving listeners itching for more. They could have played every song they’ve ever written last night and I would have wanted more still.” – (2007)

“If you are into stuff like My Bloody Valentine and the good parts from Jupiter era Cave In, and just genuinely deep and moving music, this is a band to definitely check out. I can honestly say there aren’t many bands I know of doing anything as close to as good and as different as this.” – Bystander Fanzine (2006)

“Incredibly tight… Highly recommended.” – (2006)

“Junius has truly blazed its own path. While slower moments may briefly resemble post-punk revivalists like Interpol, Junius’ sound is much darker, owing more to Sisters of Mercy or The Cult than British Sea Power or any of the modern bands laying claim to Joy Division’s throne. Using the band’s 2004 EP as a starting point, and this show as an indicator, the new album should be mind-blowing.” – Too Much Rock (2005)

“Ever since Junius started rocking our headphones, we’ve been in a good place. This is dramatic stuff, kids; the kind of sound that takes us back to The Cure, the mainstay of our callow youth. If we admit to becoming addicted to the sound of lead singer and guitarist Joseph Martinez’s voice, does that make us sound like some kind of weird stalker?” – The Boston Globe (2004)

“Junius has a distinct sound to call their own… dark yet powerful. While they make their high-energy live performances seem effortless, they pour their emotions into their music, conscious of each song’s dynamic between dramatic slow sections and climax.” – The Hippo (2004)



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