“The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist” & “Vol.1” here 

 JUNIUS are excited to announce that Pelagic Records will release their 10 year anniversary re-issue of their critically acclaimed album “The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist.” For this re-issue, the album was remixed by Tom Syrowski who (mixed Mastodon’s Grammy winning album The Emperor of Sand together with Brendon O’Brian) and remastered by Billy Bowers (Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Mastodon). All the artwork has been redesigned by Drew Speziale (Circle takes the Square) and Junius’ own Joseph E. Martinez according to Drew’s original layout and design idea.

“A perfect hybrid of Neurosis and the Smiths, striking a stunning balance of brutality and beauty.  Spellbinding and heartbreaking, gripping from the first note to the last.  A hard rock dream come true.”  – Rolling Stone

“a rich, immersive experience, a bleak jewel of a record that takes obsession as its theme 
and rewards it in equal measure.” – Pitchfork

“Beautifully crafted, genuinely intellectual, and deeply moving.”  – Alternative Press

“Nothing short of breathtaking.”  – Rock Sound

“Junius’ The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist is a brilliant example of dynamic rock fused with swelling, spacey soundscapes, all anchored by an intelligent lyrical foundation.” – Lambgoat
 JUNIUS are excited to announce after 13 years, Pelagic Records will be re-releasing 2004’s “Forcing Out the Silence” and 2006’s “Blood is Bright” under the newly titled Vol. 1 (previously self-titled). Vol. 1 has been remastered by Will Benoit (Caspian, Gifts from Enola, Constants) and its artwork has been redesigned by founding member Mike Repasch-Nieves. Vol. 1 will contain an additional track “Lost in Basilica” from the “Blood is Bright” sessions. Vol. 1 will also have slight variations of 2 songs that only super fans will catch. This is the definitive release for this post-punk classic. 

“This darky lush epic…is the best soundtrack for reveling in the melancholy of actually living since My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless.” – Alternative Press

“This Boston band offers up an impressive album of shoegazerish psych-rock with a dynamic sound ranging from ethereal atmospherics to loud, distortion-drenched passages.” – KEXP

“Genius as far as contemporary new wave/cinematic art-rock goes… [an] epic audio masterpiece…” 
– The Big Takeover 

“Ever since Junius started rocking our headphones, we’ve been in a good place. This is dramatic stuff, kids; the kind of sound that takes us back to The Cure, the mainstay of our callow youth. If we admit to becoming addicted to the sound of lead singer and guitarist Joseph Martinez’s voice, does that make us sound like some kind of weird stalker?” – The Boston Globe 


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